Top Ten: Baby Walkers

Top Ten: Baby Walkers

Janie Lee
Jun 4, 2007

We really want to walk, so we're looking into baby walkers. No, not like the one pictured (although it's kind of cool looking, no?). The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared those types of walkers dangerous.

We're talking about something baby can hold onto and push around the house. In addition to good looks, we want a sturdy, well-balanced walker that won't tip backwards.

Here are some we're considering: (below the jump)

  • Alphabet Walker by Voila Wooden Toys, $69.95
  • Haba Walker Wagon, $123.50
  • Haba Pushing Car Walker, $149.95
  • Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, $54.59
  • Plan Toys Baby Walker, $49.95
  • Multi Walker, £60.00
  • Brio Toddler Wobbler, $31.99
  • IKEA Ekorre Toddler wagon/walker, $24.99
  • That's our top 8 anyway...any walkers you want to recommend?

    (pic of Tudor baby walker from Historic Herefordshire Online)

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