Top Ten: Best Upholstered Fabric Headboards

Apartment Therapy Annual Guide 2014

Fabric upholstered headboards are a relatively affordable way to add serious impact to the bedroom. They automatically make a room softer and more inviting, are infinitely less expensive than full-blown beds, and are widely available in a range of styles. Here are ten favorites on the market right now.

1. Skyline Linen Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair; $499 - $599 (above)

A much- and well-reviewed product, this Skyline headboard is very handsome piece that goes all the way down to the floor, and has the added upholstered wings. Read the reviews about fabric shine and color, as there is some question about photos vs. real life. All in all, this seems to be a really good buy for the money.

2. Clip Corner Nailbutton Headboard from Target; $199.99 - $274.99

I can speak to this headboard because I own it myself. In terms of value, it's excellent (especially when on sale). As many have noted in their reviews, the color is more grey or "greige" than taupe, but if that works for you, then this is a very affordable option. The only downside is that it doesn't come in more colors. If it's in stock (and they do get sold out periodically), then Target's swift delivery is an added bonus for the impatient customer like myself.

3. Martinique Ivory Headboard from Amazon; $210.46 - $298.80

The Martinique is one of Amazon's best selling headboards and reviews speak to its quality and price. One word of concern: the deep tufting might trap dust and hair however, so if you have pets or prone to bad allergies, this might not be the best option.

4. Giselle Tufted Headboard from Ballard Designs; $329.00 - $777.00

Another tufted headboard is Ballard's top-rated Giselle headboard, which is available in a large range of fabric options. If you need more flexibility in the design, this is a great option to explore. I suggest ordering a swatch in advance if you are worried about color or fabric choice.

5. Panel Tufted Headboard from West Elm; $449 - $749

This substantial headboard is a nice modern take on upholstery vs. typical tufting and/or nailhead trim. It's available in the usual neutrals but also has some nice, brighter fabric choices (like the teal blue or mustard velvet) for bolder designs. There are no reviews on the website however, so I'm curious as to what people think of their headboards. (And for a chuckle, check out this old post about West Elm beds in post-coital situations.) This headboard is also currently on sale, making it cheaper than the price above.

6. Custom Upholstered Headboard from The Tufted Frog; $200 - $260

Etsy has a ton of sellers making headboards, so it is a great resource for buyers looking to support independent makers (or perhaps someone near you to save on shipping). The Tufted Frog is one that makes very, very affordable versions and you can pick the shape, fabric and trimmings. Her reviews are 100% positive.

7. Velvet Tufted Headboard from Urban Outfitters; $449

People loved the expensive— almost "regal"— look of this headboard and the softness of the velvet. It comes in a variety of jewel-tone and pastel colors, but only one size: full/queen. (Plus, actual reviews suggest that it's really fit for just queen-sized mattresses.) Still, a nice option if you want a plush-looking headboard in a fun or unusual color.

8. Zentique Louis Upholstered Headboard from Layla Grace; $1363 - $1488

This headboard looks elegant and European, and reviews suggest it's solidly made. The wood detailing sets it apart from other upholstered headboards out there, giving it more of an antique feel while retaining comfort. It's available as a queen or king size from a range of stores, so Google it first to get the best deal.

9. Skyline Addison Upholstered Headboard from Amazon; $316 - $413

Although a lot of these headboards are lovely, it's also nice to see a basic headboard that still looks nice, but doesn't have nailhead trim, tufting or other noticeable trims. This one from Skyline (available in linen, twill and velvet) also gets great reviews about quality and affordability.

10. Quadrant Headboard from Crate & Barrel; $899 - $1099

This headboard is one of my pricier picks, but I like a few things about this headboard a lot. It extends all the way down to the floor, which makes it look more expensive than those that end at the mattress. It's also a nice blend of modern (with the straight lines) and traditional (tufting) that could work in many spaces. There are only a few reviews, but all are positive.

One last note on price: since headboards are over-sized items, be sure to factor in shipping costs when making your final decision.

Have anything to add about any of these headboard options? Please add any intel in the comments.

(Image credits: Wayfair; Target; Amazon; Ballard Designs; West Elm; Etsy/The Tufted Frog; Urban Outfitters; Layla Grace; Amazon; Crate & Barrel)