Top Ten: Best Water Bottles, From High-Tech to High-Design

Top Ten: Best Water Bottles, From High-Tech to High-Design

Katie Holdefehr
Jun 20, 2016
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It's that time of year: The weather's getting warmer, the beach is calling your name, and plastic water bottles are tempting you on every hot city street corner. Invest now in a pretty, reusable bottle and you'll save hundreds of disposable bottles from the landfill (not to mention, hundreds of dollars) over the course of the summer.


The best part of this BPA- and halogen-free plastic water bottle is the citrus juicer at the bottom, along with a compartment for storing fresh fruit. Infuse your water with a squeeze of lemon as you head into work, and suddenly your office will feel much more spa-like.

This bottle should be your go-to if you want to avoid plastic, but are too clumsy to handle a fragile glass container. The colorful silicone sleeve, available in teal, magenta, and gray, protects the glass bottle from bumps. And if you have a tendency to neglect your water bottle in your grungy gym bag for days at a time, the dishwasher-safe lid and body make it easy to ensure a germ-free sip.

The filter cage inside this BPA-free, dishwasher-safe bottle does double duty: Insert a carbon filter and let it make your tap water taste better, or remove the filter and add fruit slices to infuse each sip with flavor. Each replacement filter costs less than $4—which seems like a small price to pay when you consider that it replaces 300 disposable plastic bottles.

From $24

Beginning as a Kickstarter campaign, Memobottle took off with its innovative design that rethinks the cylindrical water bottle. Available in standard paper sizes, like A4 and A5, it's no surprise that these flat, rectangular vessels slip seamlessly into your bag, right next to your notebook or laptop.

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If the pretty marble and ikat designs on these stainless steel bottles aren't enough to convince you to buy this bottle, maybe the fact that they magically keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 will. We're sold: S'well bottles in various designs can be spotted all over the Apartment Therapy office.

The most fashion-forward of the bunch, BKR follows the trends, creating biannual collections based on the most popular colors seen during Fashion Week (like the blue-toned grouping in the first image, or the blush pink bottle, above). BKR takes its attention to design right down to the details, like the loop at the top of the cap that's perfectly positioned to slip around your finger while you take a sip.

This classic stainless steel water bottle has an electropolished interior that doesn't impart flavors, meaning you won't get a metallic taste. Durable metal, combined with a touch of natural bamboo on the lid, makes this bottle the perfect hiking accessory.

The pretty watercolor designs on these stainless steel bottles are just begging to be brought along on a beach trip. Added insulation will keep your cold drinks fresh for longer.

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At $55, this bottle is a splurge, but it's also the smartest one you'll ever meet. Working in tandem with an app, a sensor inside the bottle tracks how much you drink. The bottle glows and the app sends reminders to keeping sipping towards a daily goal. But is it really worth it? The Kitchn's engagement editor, Ariel Knutson, has one and says, "I feel like a new person. I'm so much more hydrated." I'd consider that money well spent.

$15, plus $72 per year for filters

The initial cost of this bottle is relatively low at just $15, but the bimonthly filter program causes this option to have a higher cost over time. I like to think of the subscription service as a personal investment in a plastic-bottle-free year.

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