Top Ten: Small Kid, Small Space Tips

Top Ten: Small Kid, Small Space Tips

Sep 15, 2006

Reader/mom/activist ChilangaMama wrote in with some great tips for living with a baby or toddler in a small space:

• Skip the changing table; all you need is a pad
• Skip the glider
• Skip bulky opaque storage: it's not very kid-friendly
• Limit toys by rotating items in and out to storage (this also keeps up interest)

FLOR tiles make for easy mess cleanup (see this post for another POV)
• Avoid loose cushions: you'll constantly be putting them back on the sofa
• Remove the coffee table until 30 months to avoid injuries
• Don't buy stuffed animals; you'll get plenty as gifts
• Both breast-feeding and co-sleeping help save space: no need to store bottles and formula; no need for separate baby quarters
• Keep a bag around for clothes as they're outgrown. When full, pass along to a friend!

Thanks ChilangaMama!

Image: Angela

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