Top Ten: Clip Lights

Top Ten: Clip Lights

Jul 25, 2006

We haven't had a clip light since childhood, when our folks bought brightly-colored clip lights to attach to the slats of the bunkbed. But we need one now to brighten a work space that lacks room for table- or wall-mounted lighting. This little nook has shelves above the work surface, so a clip light will solve the problem nicely, provided we discretely attach the dangling cord to the underside of the shelf.

Now, which one? Pivoting head or a gooseneck? Chrome or colored enamel? Mesh or light-emitting cutouts? Here's a top ten. Chime in if you know of others!

Metal Star Clip Lamp, $39
Counterweight Clip Lamp, $29
Gooseneck Clip Lite 1, $14.40
Gooseneck Clip Lite 2, $28.80
Gooseneck Clip on Lite 3, $18.45
Chrome Gooseneck Clip on Lite, $14.40
Gooseneck Clip on Lamp in Metallic Red, $29.95
Clip on Goose Neck Mesh Head Lamp in Brushed Nickel, $19.95
Clip On Mesh Head Lamp in Brushed Nickel, $29.95
Dinge Clamp Spotlight $3.99

05/08: See our updated list here.

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