Top Ten: Modular Cubes

Top Ten: Modular Cubes

Mar 27, 2007

They may harken back to grammar school days, but there's a reason cubes (also known as cubbies) are invading our homes: open modular storage is highly functional.

Cubby systems for home use come at all price points and many now include doors, so if you like your belongings outta sight, you've still got options.

Here's a starter list of six; as always, please add to it if you know of other good sources and systems.

Hoot Judkins' Pine Cubes, $59.88 apiece (3 cube-unit)
Stumasa's LP Cubes
Brookstones' Kids Stackable Cubbies, $79.95 - $149.95
Cubits, $178 for a basic kit

C&B's Cubix Stacker, 139 per L-shaped module
Art at Maison's Teca Giano (pictured)

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