Top Ten: Custom Cabinet-Makers

Top Ten: Custom Cabinet-Makers

Jun 19, 2007

We've been collecting the names of local custom cabinet makers and woodworkers from friends. These are the reliable ones, the ones who did great work, the ones whose names were freely passed on with glowing recommendations.

If you've worked with any of these craftspeople or want to recommend others, please comment away!

• Steve Bowie, 415.282.2150
• Fernando Cortez, 415-305-6260
James Kusz, 415-468-4546
• Ken Seidman of Seidman Woodwork (1120 Revere Avenue) 415.822.4860

Simon Smart-Foster, Cabinet Maker, (cell) 415.420.8984
Zachary Warwas, 510.495.5359
Thomas Wold Design and Fabrication

Image: Travis Construction

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