Top Ten: Diaper Bags

Top Ten: Diaper Bags

Janie Lee
Jul 9, 2007

Today's diaper bags are something moms (and dads) can tote around without embarassment. Here is a quick list of our favorites, although there are many more out there that we like.

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  • Fleurville Mothership, $150

  • Oi Oi Floral Hobo,$99

  • Skip Hop Expo, $65

  • Jack Spade Dad Field Bag, $125

  • Gita 101, $136

  • Dante Beatrix Blue Mod Tote, $176

  • 2 Red Hens City Stripes bag, $108

  • Baby Kaed Sanya, $63
  • Okay, we've shown you 8 that we like (without doubling up on the same brand). Share you're favorite with everyone.

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