Top Ten: Holiday Gift Wrap

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Presents! Holiday gifts, hostess gifts, secret santas, December birthdays...there is plenty of wrapping going on and there is more to come. In keeping with what's current, here is a roundup of some modern holiday wrap. Add your favorites and please tell us - which gift wrap are you using this season?

  • Cavallini Birds 20" x 28" sheet for $4.65
  • Shanghai Holiday 24" x 36" sheet for $4.50
  • High gloss Red, White and Green rolls for $7.95 each
  • Snow and Graham Dandelion 20" x 30" sheet for $2.75
  • Luxe Red Dots roll for $6.50
  • Catalina Estrada 500mm x 700mm sheet for £1.80
  • Roger La Borde reversible wrap 27.5 x 19" sheet for $3.00
  • Norweigan Stripe 12' x 30" roll for $7.99
  • Hello! Lucky Ring-a-Ding 19" x 27" sheet for 2.50
  • Marimekko Metallics rolls for $7.95 each

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