Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Ryan

Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Ryan

Nov 21, 2007

Ah, the holidays. A time for relaxing with family and friends, enjoying good food and scrambling to get the last of your Christmas shopping done because you put it off for so long. Well we are here to help you avoid that and kick start your holiday shopping.

I hate seeing wires, so anything that helps me deal with that is a good gift in my eyes. The Kangaroom charging station does this for all your gadgets while looking good. Best of all it is only $35.

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I wonder how many of my family and friends actually backup their data on a regular basis. My guess is not many, so an automatic online backup service like Mozy could be a lifesaving gift should their computer go down.

Continuing down the 'I hate wires' path brings us to the Apple wireless keyboard. Nice materials, good looking design and a nice tidy desktop.

The Dirt Devil Kone seemed to be a popular product with the AT:HT readers and it is something I have always been meaning to pick up but never got around to.

For the snowboarders and skiers out there, I can't imagine riding without some music. This Protec helmet provides tunes with its built in headphones and protection for you noggin.

The Roku on steroids. The Sonos wireless music player is pricy but if you know someone with a larger space that likes to entertain, this is the music system for them. Rooom by room control from a single controller means the party can exist in every room of the house.

Not only do I hate seeing wires, I hate seeing a table full of remote controls. The Harmony 1000 will clear the remote clutter and simplify the home theater experience.

To make a good remote even better, pairing it with an RF wireless extender means that you can hide away all your components in a different room, or closet, but still control them with the remote. If the person you are buying for already has the Harmony 1000 or 890, this would make the perfect complement.

I am definitely a watch guy so the Hamilton Multi-Touch appeals to the watch collector and tech side of me. Around long before a certain touch screen mobile phone, this watch switches between functions such as chrono, compass, altimeter, alarm by touching the glass face. A simple tap spins the clock hands into position for the desired function.

Finally, what would the holidays be without home videos of the event. Small and portable are key things for me, or else I tend to leave them at home so the Sanyo Xacti looks like it could do the job, and do it in Hi-definition.
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