Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Kate

Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Kate

Nov 19, 2007

Part wishlist, part shopping list, all fun: here's Kate's top ten holiday gift ideas to inspire you as you search for that ideal gift--for giving, or for keeping for yourself!

Starting with her top gift wish for herself, Kate wants an LG Voyager by Verizon Wireless--and she hopes it lives up to the hype! Full price is $300 when it comes out on Wednesday, but her new-every-two deal makes it even more accessible.

Next up is her top gift for someone on her list: a digital photo frame. She's been spying this one, a Westinghouse 14.1" with mosaic view, since it first appeared on AT:HT in August--and the great news is that it's gone down in price even more, to $260.

Watch for Kelly and Ryan's lists tomorrow and Wednesday at noon.

Twice Twice Clock from DWR, which has two faces, one on each side, and can have two different time zones. It retails for $160.

The 2nd Gen Nano is easily lost, especially if it slips between furniture or even pillows. This cute stocking stuffer also can serve as a wallet when on the go, but would be appreciated even around the house. It retails for $25.

Candelas have always won rave reviews for their soft, rechargeable glow and these mini versions are no different. The set of 4 retails for $69.

Kate wants the iRobot Scooba for the hardwood floors in her apartment, and to give as a gift. Covering up to 500 sq. feet on a single charge, it helps make cleaning much easier; it retails for $400.

This decidedly un-tech way to display your photos still fills a niche with creative display of your photos via the Wall o Photos, from Urban Outfitters. At only $15, it would be easy to create your own art instillation at home.

Hopefully by "burying" this item deep in the list, Kate's DH won't see what could likely be his Christmas gift: the Swiss Army knife, updated for today's work with a 1 MB thumb drive that's removable (great if you need to check the knife in your luggage but want to keep your data with you). It retails for $100 from The Romeo & Juliet Shop.

Kind of bizarre, but if you've never been able to cut an onion with opening some serious waterworks, check out these Onion Action Goggles, which form a anti-fog barrier between you and your onions. No more tears! A pair retails for $20.

Kate's newest soundtrack for the holidays? It'd have to be the Stockings by the Fire, available at Starbucks for $14.
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