Simple Joys of Working at Home

Spending a cozy afternoon working at home today (with our new puppy, Beatrix, on my lap) has made me think about how fortunate I am to get to spend so much time at our apartment, especially during the workday. I took a pic or two and decided to start a list of what I enjoy about my work-at-home life...

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  • Seeing the living room during the sunniest time of the day.
  • Knocking laundry off the to-do list in-between posts and emails.
  • Knowing that, in a pinch, pjs can be acceptable business attire.
  • Being able to be neighborly - so easy when you are the one who can (almost) always accept a package delivery.
  • Working while surrounded by all the books, magazines and belongings that inspire me and make me feel comfortable.

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  • Making and eating fresh lunches.
  • NOT having to brave chilly early morning Chicago commutes in the winter.
  • Helping out with homework during the afternoons (5th grade math is so much fun this time around).
  • Having the added incentive to keep things organized and tidy in my workspace (it works most of the time) because it is in my livingroom.
  • ...and, as of this weekend, having Beatrix to keep me company!

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