Top Ten: Laundry Baskets

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This list is a request. Amy sent us an email: "Could we get a "top ten" list of best laundry hampers/containers? We just moved into a new home 2 months ago and are still using a white, plastic laundry basket. I know there are better options out there for those of us whose laundry space will be exposed (not inside a closet). Any ideas?"

  • Bamboo Lattice Hamper for $99.
  • Vipp Clothes Hamper with liner for $339.
  • Large Perforated Bin for $199.
  • Chrome Hamper with removable white bag for $59.
  • Pink and Red Laundry Box for $29.99
  • Three Compartment Tote for $39.99.
  • Chrome Folding Hamper in Black for $29.99
  • Two Hands Basket by Authentics for $? (we've seen these at Bloomingdale's Home Store)
  • Commercial Quality Rolling Sorter for $49.

    Now - get ready, because this one is hard to believe (we just had to put it on the list....)

  • Compliments Large Laundry Basket for $1171.00 !!

    Any good laundry basket solutions/suggestions for Amy? Let us know in the comments...

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