Top Ten: Lazy (Green) Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk

Top Ten: Lazy (Green) Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk

May 31, 2007

Need motivation to finish your spring cleaning?

You may be happy to learn that if you're at the sorting through your junk phase you're closer to the end than you might think. The Bay Area has a number of great organizations that want your old crap, whether to sell, donate, or recycle it, and some of them will even come to your home to pick it up. Entrust your unwanted stuff to one of these places and feel even more virtuous about all your hard work.

Here's a list of the ones we've used; please add to it.
This company will send an "eSpecialist" to your home to assess your belongings and then auction them off on eBay for you. You pay them a commission and keep most of the profit.

Sunset Scavengers
The Scavengers have a long-standing contract with the City to provide two free large item pick-ups a year to each residence. Recycling is their M.O.

This is a low-cost hauling service that will pick up items from your home. Like SS, they recycle as much as possible.

SCRAP is a creative re-use non-profit that provides materials to schools, artists and art organizations. They will "pick up contributions of four boxes or more by appointment at no charge."

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