Top Ten: Modern Bird Feeders and Houses

Top Ten: Modern Bird Feeders and Houses

Janel Laban
Jul 25, 2006

Can a wild bird be a pet? This week, a top ten list for those of us who enjoy these "pets" that belong to all of us (and none of us)...

  • Richard Neutra inspired for $195.
  • Dwell bird feeder on sale for $48.
  • Architectural Pottery vessel for $175.
  • Anthony Stoneware french blue for $29.95.
  • Perch bird feeder for $76.
  • Stainless, wood and glass feeder for $155.
  • Popoutz in six colors for around $2.
  • Catina bird feeder by Flo Viererbl for $175.
  • Eva Solo birdtable for $137.
  • Light kiwi bird apartment for $64.

    Any favorites to add, or tips for attracting and keeping birds happy? Speak up...

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