Top Ten: Musical Instruments

Top Ten: Musical Instruments

Alejandra Valera
Jul 20, 2007

You're never too young to play -- music, that is! And with these fun instruments, it's certainly hard to resist. If you're not ready to spend over $200 on a mini piano, then perhaps one of these instruments might suit you and your child:

Musical Washboard, by Doe a Deer. $17.99
Trumpet, by Back to Basics. $13.99
Rhythm Sticks, by Beyond Play. $7.95
Kids' Guitar (or Ukele), by Land of Nod. $29 - $34
Little Red Wood Accordion, by Peanut Gallery. $29.91
Sand Blocks, by Oriental Trading Company. $3.95
Kazoo, by Melissa and Doug. $2.50
Hand Drum with Beater, by LMI. $3.99
Tambourine, by First Act. $5.99
Xylophone, by Melissa and Doug. $6.50

Music makes any environment more beautiful. What did we miss? Please share other musical gems with us.

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