(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

It is the end of Art Month at Apartment Therapy, and so it seems appropriate to look at a roundup of great art for children's rooms today. It is never to early to expose children to art, and what better way than to hang some in their room?

There is a lot of really fun art on Etsy:

Giraffe Painting, $4.00.
Rosy Garden, $20.00.
She Was Humpty Dumpty, $80.00.
Friendly Whale, $7.00.
Flying Love Bunnies, $15.00.
My Favourite Spot in Winter, $20.00.
C is for Castle, $18.00.
Charley Was An Octopus, $13.00.
Dalmatian, $32.00.
Ducky, $15.00.