Top Ten: Sexiest Gadgets for Home

Top Ten: Sexiest Gadgets for Home

Mar 13, 2007

Hmmm...sexiest gadgets for home? A day after the beer-throwing fridge? What is AT Home Tech coming to? We think these things make our lives more intriguing and fun--join in the fun and let us know what you think #10 should be.

Bang & Olufsen Home Audio - An entire line because it's all sexy (See the BeoCenter 2, above)
iMac Computer - Sexiest Desktop Computer: from $999

Motorolla Razr - because the cell is replacing the landline: prices ranges from free to $389.99
iPod - 1 GB to 80 GB with leading edge style and functionality: from $79
Sony PSP - You can game--and watch movies, look at pics and browse the web--wherever, ahem, it's most comfortable: $199.95
Fujitsu 42" HDTV Plasmavision Display because it's the sexiest TV for the bedroom: $4,499
Sony VAIO TP Living Room PC - the looks of a fashion model, the function of a geek: $1600
Samsung Zipel Cullinan Because they made the refrigerator sexy
Geneva Sound System XL - Sleek, clean lines and great sound: $1,075
• What's number 10? You make the call...

- kate

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