The Best Freestanding Wardrobes and Clothes Racks

The Best Freestanding Wardrobes and Clothes Racks

Nancy Mitchell
Nov 21, 2016
(Image credit: IKEA)

If you're living in a space with a teeny tiny closet (or no closet at all), that's no reason to fret. A freestanding wardrobe or clothing rack can provide a home for all your things, no remodeling required. Here are 10 of our favorites.


The rail at the bottom means this rack can hold extra pairs of shoes... and it's hard to beat the price.

Can be paired with hanging organizers to store shoes, bags, and folded clothes.

The sides of this rack expand to provide extra storage.

Also available sans laundry sorter here.


The shelves above and below, and hooks on the side, make this one particularly versatile.

This blonde wood clothing rack would add a little Scandi appeal to your room.

If you love Normann Copenhagen's Toj rack, here's a similar style at a much smaller price.

An inexpensive option for hidden clothes storage, if you'd prefer not to look at all your clothes all the time.


Multiple levels mean more hanging space and more space for shoes and accessories.

Beautiful detailing — both practical and elegant.

A little pricey, but definitely something you won't mind looking at every day. The shelf on the bottom is great for shoes. Also comes in a small size for $374.

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