Top Ten:Crib Bedding

Top Ten:Crib Bedding

Mar 21, 2007

We love nursery bedding! Nothing pulls a room together like new bedding, and below are a few of our favourites. And remember, while some of the prices are high, many of these are full sets, not just the duvet or blanket. In no particular order:

City collection twin bed set, by Boodalee, $240.
Dwell Baby Robin Motif set, $295.
Nurseryworks Macaroni Pattern, in pumpkin, $395.
Sumersault Playful Puppies, $179.99.
Mod Squad twin bed cover, $47.99.
Orange Mod Cube, $359.98.
Black Toile crib bedding, $370.
Area Bloom Dayquilt, $150.
Dwell Baby Bells Crib set, $295.
Denyse Schmidt Baby's What A Dish Bedding, $199.

What did we miss, and/or what did you choose for your nursery or kids room?

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