Can You Spot It? Top-Loading Washing Machine Hidden in the Kitchen

Studio D'Archi

Side-loading laundry machines are proof that God loves us and wants us to have beautiful apartments, since they're pretty to look at and easy to tuck under a counter in small spaces. But there are plenty of benefits to keeping a top-load washing machine around, too. They're less expensive, you don't have to kneel to wash clothes, and last-minute lid-flipping when you forget a sock is a huge boon. For those who want the advantages of a top-loader with the convenience of hiding it away in a small space, check out this professional project.

Tight on space while renovating a 35 m2 (375 ft2) Parisian apartment, the architects of Studio D'Archi needed to find a way to integrate a top-loading washing machine into an already diminutive kitchen. Their solution was to custom build a bar at the kitchen entrance with a countertop that flips up to reveal a concealed laundry machine.

The bar was built from MDF to match the specs of the washer, integrating three drawers for extra storage and a removable front panel that gives access to the machine for maintenance.

It reminds me of the area near a bar or resturant's service station where the counter flips up to let bartenders in and out. No doubt this design will stand the test of time for these apartment dwellers — and give them a reason to keep the counters clear around the clock!

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(Image credits: Studio d'Archi)