"Touch Me" Sue-Ching Lascelles

"Touch Me" Sue-Ching Lascelles

Jenny Butler
Aug 18, 2008

"Touch Me" is the appropriate title of the piece above by Brisbane artist Sue-Ching Lascelles. This interactive sculpture features 200 outstretched arms hanging from the ceiling for you to walk though. Each felt limb is very detailed and even completed with felty fingernails.

You'll either embrace it or run far away from it but you cant deny how almost realistic it looks- for felt hands.

Sue-Ching's other work includes "We Make Shadow Puppets" which is a collection of felt hands sculpted to create shadow puppets with the shadow cut-out in vinyl behind and "Meaty" which is like touring a butcher of felt meat. We love the steak ottoman. You can visit Sue-Ching's blog here

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