20 Toys for Young Brainiacs

20 Toys for Young Brainiacs

Séverine Baron
Dec 11, 2013

My son has been obsessed with puzzles, mazes, strings - just about anything that most of us parents feel better about giving as a gift. It started with big floor puzzles, went on to 3D puzzles, then anything involving a maze and construction kits. Nowadays, he can't go anywhere without his perplexus ball...

Here's a list of educational toys that the mini brainiacs will enjoy:

1. Eiffel Tower Construction Kit

2. Young Architect

3. Keva Contraption kit

4. Q-BA-Maze

5. Anti-Virus

6. Mastermind

7. Bop it! Tetris Game

8. IQ Link

9. A-Ha! Pack it Puzzle

10. Penguins on ice

11. Screwball Scramble

12. Laser Maze Beam-Bending Logic Game

13. Oblo Spheres Puzzle

14. Kanoodle Brain Puzzle

15. Brainstring

16. Tridio Twist

17. Rush Hour

18. Paradox Box

19. Perplexus

20. Zoob Challenge

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