Tracy's City Apartment

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When Tracy moved from an old farmhouse to a city apartment, she changed her decorating style to match her new urban environment. Tracy described her old farmhouse look as "shabby chic" and her new space as more "grown up and glamorous."

Having just moved to this apartment in March, Tracy made short work of moving in and decorating. It probably helped that this was a bit of a premeditated move. Back in October, when Tracy first started blogging about the potential of moving from farmhouse to city apartment, she was already dreaming of a new style.

This new apartment still has a shabby chic quality to it but it definitely has an urban style. And that tufted sofa - so gorgeous!

For photos of Tracy's old Danish farm house, check out her Flickr photoset.
To see more of Tracy's designs visit her website and blog:

Images: Tracy Nors