Traemand: the IKEA Cabinet Installation Experts

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(We can't remember out who sent this in, but it just HAS to be blogged. Thanks, whoever you are!)

Installing new kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Using IKEA, but don't want to put up with all the headache? Traemand MIGHT be able to make all of this easier. We have no recommendation as of yet, but they offer a remarkable service that promises to make it EASY.

Traemand can do two things:

  • Measurement & Design: they will help you plan your kitchen with IKEA cabinets and get everything ordered
  • Installation: they will install the kitchen for you using "specialized European techniques" developed after installing thousands of IKEA kitchens.

    AT readers vote and comment below:

    Things to keep in mind. Traemand is a cabinet installation company, so they won't do all the electrical and tiling you need in your kitchen or bathroom, only the cabinets. The average installation takes 2-3 days and prices range from $2,100 to $2,800 for a kitchen. From $750 to $1,500 for most closets and bathrooms.

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