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This DIY fad has been picking up steam lately, and we have done our fair share of featuring it as well. But we think a fairly simple process that can produce stunning custom artwork deserves a lot of attention. This particular method produces super-fine results, and the fact that the example used was hung in a nursery sealed the deal for us.

Having an incredible photo is a great first step to making this project a success, and professional photographer James Brandon from Digital Photography School had that angle covered form the get-go. When his wife Kristin said she needed a photo to go with the aviation theme for their son Isaac's nursery, the shot he took of her father's Cessna was a no-brainer. After adjusting the contrast and color, they had it printed at Staples on a laser printer for a few bucks, and then Kristin went to work. Using mostly basic and and a few somewhat specialized materials, she was able to create a beautifully personal piece of art that their son will hopefully treasure for years to come.

While the steps they employ may be a bit more complicated than other tutorials out there, we think the result speaks for itself.

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(Image: James Brandon. Via: Make)