Transform A Thrift Store Chair Into An Outdoor Swing

More often than not, when we feature before and after projects, the end result still has the same structure as it did before. That's not the case in this thrift store chair turned outdoor swing — yeah you read that right... outdoor swing.

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After a little repainting, drilling, and having ropes added, this chair is ready to do battle with the elements outside in the backyard. Although we'll always have a soft spot for the more traditional plank style swing, we can't get over the creativity behind this idea found over at Peppertowne from sisters Jenni and Amy.

We have a small passion for collecting stray chairs and have passed on so many due to lack of space. We suddenly feel silly for leaving all those chairs at auctions and estate sales, they could have already been adorning our backyard and those of our friends! Has it sunk in yet? There's a chair hanging from a tree! Squee!
Read the full post over at Peppertowne


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