Before & After: From Boring Office Desk to Industrial Chic Changing Table

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When Maude Lefrancois found out she was pregnant, she decided to change her home office into the nursery — and her desk was the perfect height for a changing table. With a few nuts and bolts, a shelf, and vintage wood crates, she turned her sterile office desk into a warmer industrial changing station with more than enough storage.

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Maude drilled holes into the metal frame and attached four angled brackets with nuts and bolts. She cut and painted a shelf to match the table and added vintage wood crates she purchased from a local antique shop. The adorable modern changing pad cover was purchased on Etsy from iviebaby.

Thank you Maude!

* Safety notes: Most changing pads come with safety straps which can be secured to the underside of a table with snaps that need to be drilled in. Another option is to use adhesive velcro straps. Most importantly, never leave a baby unattended at the changing table.

Tables with caster wheels should be locked (like this one) or the table itself can be fastened to the wall.

(Image credits: EQ3; June Bhongjan)