Transformative Details: Wide-Wick Candles

Transformative Details: Wide-Wick Candles

Tess Wilson
Sep 13, 2011

I'm always fascinated by tiny details that make all the difference in the world. These candles have a lot going for them (handcrafted porcelain bowls, renewable soy, Phthalate-free), but it's the wide wood wick that caught my eye…

The generous size of the wick creates such a nice glow. During the holidays, my parents burn antique oil lamps, and that flickering glow is one of the coziest things in the world to me. These candles seem to provide a similar warmth and coziness- they're not just candles, they're tiny fires. We can't help but want to gather around a fire, especially as fall approaches.

Luminology candles are available through Poppytalk Handmade, and come in beautiful reusable/refillable porcelain bowls.

Image: Luminology

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