Travel Around the Globe Virtually in Ultra HD 360 Degrees

360 Gigapixels

Perhaps you noticed this past month our focus upon travel and getaway features. Ironically, I haven't traveled anywhere myself this year, despite feeling the itch to get lost somewhere new. I've found a little bit of relief for this growing case of wanderlust by way of a site offering an amazing selection of ultra-high definition, 360 degree panoramic photos ready to explore by mouse+screen...

The image above is a snapshot of a panoramic photo of Prague, Czech Republic, stitched together from 2,600 individual photos and converted into a single, seamless 360° image. That's 260,000 x 130,000 pixels in total, the largest photograph of Prague ever created; the photo is so detailed I was able to zoom in on a person and determine the brand of footwear they were wearing! 

There's an even more awe-inspiring 320 gigapixel panorama of London from the BT Tower, pieced together from 48,640 individual images, shot over a period of three days, requiring the processing power of a Fujitsu Celsius R920 workstation to seamlessly blend those tens of thousands of photos into one composite image.

360Cities is the company behind these mind blowing, detailed geo-marked panoramic photos, with an additional collection of destinations to explore (and a related $1.99 app for iPhone/iPad), including:

Virtually visit all these destinations dotting the globe above via the global view site here.

(Images: 360Cities