Inspiration: Bringing Bigger Plants Indoors

I recently transplanted a brown turkey fig sapling into my apartment, and the poor guy is still in shock. It could take weeks to adjust and still might not make it, and I'm consoling myself with pictures of good-looking trees in other people's homes.

Trees bring bring height, color, and texture. They can fill a lonely corner or help divide spaces. Especially now as the seasons start to change, having the extra green inside can be cheering.

Figs are admittedly a trendier choice, but another personal favorite is the Norfolk Island Pine (images 3, 5, and 9). Yucca is another to easy-to-care-for option. If you are thinking of bringing a bigger plant into your home, check out these tips from AT Garden Party columnist Susie Nadler. For now, enjoy the inspiration.

Images: 1. Elle Decor 2. Ben Wolfinsohn for Apartment Therapy 3. Emily Anderson for Design*Sponge 4. Marie Claire Maison via Apartment Therapy 5. Sandra Juto 6. Debbie Carlos 7. Grant K. Gibson's home via Sea*Life*Style 8. Dwell via Apartment Therapy 9. Ingalls Photo for Design*Sponge 10. Jacobsen Architecture via Apartment Therapy

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