Tree-Free Paper Office Accessories

Tree-Free Paper Office Accessories

Heather Blaha
Feb 19, 2009
These tree-free paper waste bins are made from 100% recycled cotton remnants "pressed to resemble leather." Great for a home office that needs some color and useful, sensible recycled products (not more waste)...there are also magazine holders to match, if you're not quite ready to eliminate your mag/paper intake. Details below:

posted originally from: AT:Chicago

Tree-Free Paper Waste Bins (8"Wx8"Dx10"H) for $12.99 each and Tree-Free Paper Magazine Butlers (10"Wx3.25"Dx10.75"H) for $8.99 each; both available at World Market.

These pieces collapse flat when not in use, and are available in orange, lime, espresso, teal and red.

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