Treehouse Escapes Bring Owners Closer to Nature

Treehouse Escapes Bring Owners Closer to Nature

Trent Johnson
Feb 18, 2009

Most kids dream of a having a tree house, and even some adults. But the popularity of treehouses is booming with companies across the country building custom tree house escapes for those wanting to spend more time "outside".

TreeHouse Workshop is a Seattle construction company that builds cozy tree houses all over the Pacific North West. In fact for them, treehouses have become so popular that they have built more than 100 structures in the past few years.

And TreeHouse Workshop isn't alone: "More builders are attending treehouse workshops, and do-it-yourself newsletters, websites and blogs on the subject are sprouting up all over the Internet."

Vermont-based foundation Forever Young Treehouses promotes the construction of universally accessible treehouses across the country. While accessible treehouses provide a memorable experience for everyone, we focus on treehouse construction for children and young adults with special needs who are routinely confronted with barriers to fun and play in their daily lives. An accessible treehouse removes these obstacles, bringing people of all abilities together and closer to nature.

"We all have that need to escape, and a treehouse answers that need without having to go to a secluded beach in the Caribbean," says Anna Daeuble, the workshop's business manager and designer. "It feels like an escape that's halfway between the ground and the sky, and there is something ethereal and exciting about that."

See the entire article here via the Denver Post.

Photos via TreeHouse Workshop.

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