Human-Sized Nests

The artist Patrick Dougherty does some really amazing work. His installations are evocative of nests and trees, looking more like shelters made by animals or formed by nature rather than by a sculptor. Our favorites are the ones that look like homes - cozy inviting lairs....jump below for a closer look at these magical structures...


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Trailheads, 2005 - Raleigh, NC - Photo by North Carolina Museum of Art
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Na Hale 'o waiawi, 2003 - Honolulu, Hawaii - Photo by Paul Kodama

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Childhood Dreams, 2007 - Phoenix, Arizona - Photo by Adam Rodriguez

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Toad Hall, 2005 - Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Nell Campbell

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Owache, 1999 - Dekalb, Illinois - Photo by Larry Gregory

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Paradise Gate, 2001 - Northampton, MA - Photo by Stephen Petegorsky

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Around the Corner, 2003 - New Harmony, IN - Photo by Doyle Dean

For more information on Patrick Dougherty and his work:

Top Photo: Close Ties, 2006 - Scottish Highlands - Photo by Fin Macrae
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