Trees Run Through It: The Franz House

Building a home around live trees isn't a new idea — after all, Odysseus carved his bed from a live olive tree. It is, however, a striking one. At Franz House, Bak Architects modernized this ancient concept, wrapping a modern porch around three trees to create a visually arresting house.

Much of the home is made of concrete, a signature of Bak. While modern, it can look a bit cold in the interior. However, the tree trunks running through the porch are a gorgeous focal point from many areas of the house. The combination of industrial concrete and rustic charm is both a bit jarring and a bit beautiful. It's perfect for hardcore modernists who want a woodland retreat.

1. A detailed view of the porch where you can see the holes in the porch ceiling.
2. An exterior view of the house, which is still under construction.
3. A view of the bedrooms at night, with the trunks running outside their windows.
4. The trees in daylight, as seen from upstairs.
5. The back porch at night, with a series of concrete planters running along one side.

For more information on this project, see Bak Architects.

Via The Contemporist

Images: Bak Architects

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