Trend Alert! Upstate Home

Trend Alert! Upstate Home

Oct 3, 2012
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Upstate, downstate, and everywhere in-between, we're seeing lots of homes this fall with decor that evokes a sentimental, rural sophistication that is perfect for the season. Bold Native American-inspired patterns and elegant equestrian influences inspire pieces that will add interest and warm rustic comfort to your home.

The upstate home features goods designed primarily for comfort, with attention to heritage throughout. For bedding and upholstery, look for velvets, wools, and chunky wovens that play off Native American-inspired patterns and quilted details that add a homey, yet often modern touch. Here's what we're seeing lots of in upstate decor:

chunky throw.pngChunky Throws: Target's Stripe hand-quilted throw mixes textures and patterns, creating a textural story on your bed or seating area. Early American influences also play a big role in upstate decor, bringing in vibrant colors and geometric patterns on accent pillows and blankets. Target's decorative floor pillow adds a vibrant punch of orange, red, and yellow and great graphic details.

orange pillow.png
Textured Pillows: A little velvet goes a long way, inevitably adding richness to any room. In the upstate home, velvet blends seamlessly with more rustic decor by integrating traditional details. This orange velvet pillow with quilting does just that. Other pillows in Target's collection can add more textural interest, like this upstate quilted pillow, which features a basket-weave pattern.

plaid throw.pngPlaid pops up in pillows, wall treatments, and textiles of all sorts, like this Threshold home upstate plaid throw. Again, a blend of plaids, quilts, and muted florals helps create a sentimental look (think: your Grandma's bedding collection) that tells a story.

ceramic trophy.png
Hand touched ceramics: Eclectic forms and multiple finishes are key when choosing decorative accents and vessels. Target's bulldog bookend and trophy vase are practical pieces that can become part of a larger collection of sentimental objects. Mixing old and new objects can tie an existing collection into a room's more modern decor.

buck wild wall art.pngAnimal Accents: What's a trip upstate without a little nature? Deer, owls, and other members of the animal kingdom make an appearance in upstate decor--but don't worry, you won't need a taxidermist for this decorative touch. Target's buck wild deer wall decor brings in the trend in a fun (and humane) way.

wood and metal table.pngMixed Materials: Multiple wood finishes, warm metal accents, and diverse materials combined to make one piece are all hallmarks of the style. Target's CA glass lamp base looks great paired with a woven lampshade , unexpectedly and successfully blending knitwear, glass, and brushed metal in a single piece. Furniture, such as this slated wood and metal table combines varying wood finishes with metal hardware for a warm industrial touch.

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Check out the full upstate collection on and get more upstate style ideas from the gallery in Target's Home Fall Catalog.

What's your favorite piece from the collection? Is your own decor reflective of this trend? Let us know in the comments!

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