Trend Alert: Vintage Gizmos Hit the Mainstream

Remember when back in the day we asked if using obsolete tech as décor was hot? Well, looks like it's not just hot, it's a trend. Urban Outfitters is jumping on the bandwagon, selling manual typewriters, princess phones, and Diana cameras. No word if they're planning to sell reel-to-reels like in the photo above...

Speaking of the photo above. That's from Urban Outfitters' latest catalog, where they have a few cool set-ups involving vintage (and some modern twists on vintage) tech. Below is a sweet living room featuring their USB turntable.

We're starting to drink the kool-aid and see the décor benefits of old gadgets. We just invested in an old Smith-Corona typewriter from eBay. It looks so rad in our apartment! photos: urban outfitters