Trend File: Crafted & Original

Ambiente 2010

Third in a series of home design trends as forecasted at Ambiente: Crafted & Original. In contrast to the light and natural Genuine & Sincere and the luxe glitter of Present & Everlasting, this room in the exhibit was bright, joyful and all about creativity.

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The Concept: The style of "Crafted & Original" was presented as being carefree, creative and improvised. Handicrafts and ethnic styles that are poetic, individual, imperfect and autthentic.

The Materials: Natural materials that are handcrafted: woven, braided, crocheted, knitted and whittled. Including: wool, raffia, wood, cork, rattan, plastics and recycled materials, porcelain, glass, cardboard and denim.

The Motifs: African cotton prints, batik, colorful graphics with dots, pixels and floral designs. Typography and folkloric imagery. Lavish embroidery on simple or unusual materials.

The Colors: Shown above, left to right: Pantone 340, Pantone 106, Pantone 7420, Pantone 7535, Pantone 534, Pantone 631

The Ambiente Trends 2010 exhibit (and excellent accompanying lecture) was produced by the bora.herke.stilburo.

  • More info on bora herke can be found right here.
  • More info Ambiente can be found right here.

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    (Images: Janel Laban)

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