Here's a new and intriguing design idea — a wall-mounted swing-arm lamp in place of a chandelier in the dining room. It's different, dramatic, and unmistakably modern.

I think this is especially nice in a very traditional interior (as in the first photo), as a counterpoint to the architecture of the space. And if you choose a lamp that's adjustable (as in image 4), your 'chandelier' can do double duty as task lighting — especially useful in modern dining rooms, which often serve as home offices as well.

What do you think — do you find this look delightful and intriguing? Or just a bit strange?

Pictured above:
1. From Parisian designer Luis Laplace, via D Pages
2. From Coco Lapine Design.
3. AD Espana via My Favorite and My Best
4. Alt for Damerne
5. From Freunde von Freuden.