Trend Watch: Clustered Paper Lanterns

Trend Watch: Clustered Paper Lanterns

Sarah Coffey
Aug 10, 2010

It's nice when a trend is as inexpensive and simple as this one. Paper globe lanterns, which are readily available in Chinatown shops or your nearest IKEA for just a few bucks, are showing up everywhere — from the pages of designer magazines to the homes that pop up on Apartment Therapy and other blogs.

This has been a trend for a while now (Maxwell posted a helpful step-by-step on getting the look at home a couple of years ago) but we've really seen it in full force lately, possibly because it's one of those projects that's recession-friendly but still looks good enough to appear in designer spaces or glossy mags. For more ideas and inspiration, check out the links below.


  1. Ana and Daniel's Aerie on the Bowery
  2. Cheri and David's Creative Loft from the Selby
  3. Big, Beautiful DIY Paper Globe Chandelier
  4. Valentines Party with Magical Paper Globes
  5. Paper Lanterns from Marie Claire Maison

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Photos: Alice Engel (1), Todd Selby (2), Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (3-4) Jerome Galland / Marie Claire Maison (5)

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