Bold geometric shapes have been pretty hot for a few years now and they show little sign of going away. With a few cans of paint or some black duct tape, you can join these stylish DIYers and take the trend big and bold in your own home.

The nice thing about doing a geometric mural is you don't have to be especially artistic — you just need to pick colors and draw triangles. A simple mural is also a clever way to decorate an awkward space you haven't found art for yet, like the partial wall in your kitchen where you hang your keys.

  1. An ambitious, multi-patterned example in Sweden. The gorgeous hues are echoed in the throw pillows and striped runner. Via Stadshem.
  2. A quirky, easier-to-emulate version via the always-stylish blog Varpunen. If you use easy-to-peel tape or stickers, this may be a good way to hide your hideous worn-out dishwasher.
  3. Meghan McEwen of Daytripper found herself obsessing over Minakani wallpaper that wasn't in her price range, so she made a cardboard stencil and painted her children's wall herself. Via Design*Sponge.

Images: 1. Stadshem via Dagný Björg; 2. Varpunen via Design is Mine; 3. Design*Sponge