Trend Watch: Embracing Green at Interface

NeoCon 2012

Interface (the contract version of the well-known "Flor" tiles) made a strong style statement this year in their NeoCon showroom design. It's all about a very glam version of "green" - both the color and an embrace of an almost-edgy version of natural beauty.

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From the very modern mix of different shades of green, ranging from strong yellow-greens to delicate pale blue-greens to vibrant emeralds and kellys, the showroom was embracing the current way to do "monochromatic".

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Inspiration boards and displays were all about a mix of pop culture and nature - Ab Fab and beetles meet gorgeously colored yarns, naturalist's specimens and avant garde fashion pics.

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The look of the showroom was to celebrate Interface's new "Urban Retreat" carpet tiles, that have a mossy, irregular, freeform based-on-nature look.

Company: Interface

Reporter & Image: Janel Laban
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