Trend Watch: Extra Large Black & White Photography

Trend Watch: Extra Large Black & White Photography

Kim R. McCormick
Sep 15, 2011

I've spent the last few years grouping smaller art pieces gallery style in my home, but a recent trend in oversize, simple scenes done in black and white makes me reconsider that choice.

I remember first reading about photographer Debbie Carlos last summer and loving her giant black and white prints, which are mostly of nature scenes. Since then, I've noticed a variety of artists embrace going the extra inches and producing similar poster-size art. The format XL clearly requires a special printer — Carlos uses a plotter, a "large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints."

1. Clouds Poster 2, $50 from Debbie Carlos
2. Paris rooftops, $20 by Hands Art Shop
3. Passage poster, $36.25, by Treefox
4. Fern poster, $45 by Isn't She Handsome
5. Statue poster, $50 by Alinamarie

(Images: As linked)

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