One gorgeous — and very bohemian — trend we've spotted lately is the addition of beautiful woven textile tapestries to modern, sleek homes. Found in a huge array of colors and styles (sometimes macramé, sometimes tufted yarn), these fibrous fixtures have found their way onto the walls many a stylish home. Take a look at some of our favorite works of tapestry textile art:

1. Southwest Tapestry Weaving, from The Brick House.
2. The Levi's Series — woven tapestries created from Levi's denim scraps by BrookandLyn.
3. Varying lengths of woven art by Native Line.
4. "Magma Y Lava" by textile artist Marianna Werkmeister, from Arte Textil.
5. Basket Weaving wall hangings made of raffia, jute, cotton, and steel, from All Roads Market, $325.