Trend Watch: Plastic Bottle Lighting

Wow, all of a sudden we’ve seen a lot of upcycled plastic bottle light fixtures. First it was our post about Michelle Brand’s bottle bottom lights, and then we started noticing this creative reuse all over the place. While the plastic bottle battle continues, we love that people have gone beyond merely recycling, and have transformed the ubiquitous plastic bottle into something beyond recognition.


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CAPtivate Lamp by Lucy Norman

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Blossom by Michelle Brand

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Bubbles by Susim Mah

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CO2LED Public Art Installation

Is anyone out there being trendy with a plastic bottle light fixture? If you want to know how to make your own, check out these sites:
• How to Make a Plastic Bottle Chandelier for 2 Bucks
• DIY Plastic Water Bottle Patio Lights

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