Trend Watch: Post-Recession Red is Hot

Trend Watch: Post-Recession Red is Hot

Jackie Ashton
Sep 6, 2011

The color red suggests passion, love, strength, and power. No wonder it continues to make the rounds from cutting-edge couture at Paris Fashion week to textiles in our living rooms. Red is here, red is there, red is everywhere. Some designers say that red (along with fellow mood-lifters, yellow and orange) is increasingly popular in the post-recession period.

As people begin to gain confidence, they want to feel happy and many express that by choosing bright accents. I've found myself constantly looking for a pop of red to add some love to my living room, some power to my kitchen, and some passion wherever possible.

Painting or wallpapering your walls red can be a bold move with striking results. But if you are not ready to take the full crimson plunge, you are not alone. Bold colors like red are now being featured more commonly as accents -- making a quick but powerful punch, and brightening up any room. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite displays of the power of red.

1. Warm red paint makes this formerly bland dining room shine. This was a project by Niche Interiors, located in San Francisco - we found it via Cococozy.

2. The Cabrio lounge chair ($399) makes your outdoor space come alive. You won't even have to get up -- bottle opener attached to the back!

3. Grab a $40 crimson Michael Devine tray from Lotus Bleu -- add a pop of powerful red to a side table or kitchen counter.

4. Borrowed Spoons tea towel by Skinny Laminx ($17.70 on Etsy) -- light up your kitchen with passion.

5. Lacquered bath set from Pacific Connections - an easy way to add pop to a bathroom.

Images: First image, Niche Interiors, the rest as linked above

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