For Your Inspiration Board: 10 Ideas for Defining Space with Colorblocked Walls

We're glad to see the colorblock paint trend continue into 2014. Paint is always a great way to add interest to a room without major commitment or a big budget and colorblocking takes it to the next level by adding unique interest to your space. The possibilities are endless, it really depends how creative you want to be. Here's a gallery of 10 great color block ideas that range from subtle and neutral to bold and fun, all perfect for your decorating inspiration board...

You can get really creative with neutrals like the wall in the top photo by Weekday Carnival or this one, just above, photographed by Alpha Smoot for Anthology Mag. Use a range of your favorite subtle colors and create a geometric pattern on your wall to make it stand out as a real conversation piece.

If you're super indecisive or a commitment-phobe, just do half the wall. Go right over the trim & door to add extra interest like in this bedroom from Deuce Cities Henhouse.

Add a bold pop of color instead of tiles for a kitchen backsplash like this one from the home of artist Anne Mette Skodborg via eva morell blog.

Use a block of color to define a space such as a work station like this example from Chez Larsson.

Use a block of color to highlight an accent wall like this bold and bright yellow from a Borrego Springs house tour via Dwell.

Define a built in or alcove with color to add interest and make it stand out on its own from the rest of the space like this creative & chic work area featured in Vogue Paris.

No need to invest in fancy trim, just fake it with paint and use it as a backdrop for your art collection like this lavish wall by Ballard Designs.

Don't forget to look up! Painting your ceiling is a fun way to add personality if you're not ready to fill your walls with color. Take the ceiling color down a foot or so to make things interesting and modern like this hallway featured in vtwonen.

Instead of camouflaging your doors into the walls, make them a feature with a pop of color like these ones featured on Skona Hem.

It's really amazing what some strategically placed paint can do to a room. Take a look at one of your spaces that needs a facelift. Maybe it just needs a block of color.

(Image credits: Weekday Carnival; Alpha Smoot photography; Deuce Cities Henhouse; eva morrell; Chez Larsson; Dwell; Vogue Paris; Ballards Designs; vtwonan; Skona Hem)