Back in Black: Trending Matte Black Gadgets

Back in Black: Trending Matte Black Gadgets

Vivian Kim
Aug 12, 2010

With the arrival of recent gadgets like the flat graphite Kindle, AIAIAI's smooth TMA-1 headphones, and Logitech's G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse, we at Unplggd have noticed a particular color trend in tech: matte black. It seems like some gadget-makers have chosen to ditch their traditional glossy finishes for something more understated and subdued, and we like what we see. We've put together a list of some matte black devices (and cases) that are sure to bring some sexiness to your tech.

Headphone brand Urbanears offers a variety of all matte black audio accessories.

A strong use of black in a small space, as showcased in a recent Tech Tour: The Black Hole Home Office.

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