Trendspotting: Nouveau 80's

Earlier in the week, we rounded up some of the main trends happening in home decor and we just spotted a one to add to that trends list. It involves what we would normally think of as an 80's palette with pinks, purples and pastels but a couple of things keep the look from going over the top:

These images are from the UK Home and Garden and this month's Domino (Yes, even Kelly Wearstler is in on the 80's action) and they show a new kind of luxury. Instead of overstuffed, over the top pieces and accessories the silhouettes are sleeker and borrow from all the Scandinavian modern and Hollywood Regency that's been popular recently. With a honed in color palette and a mix of luxurious finishes these rooms are less 'look at me!" and more come hither. Instead of neon or bright pinks and purples, the palette is more jewel box boudoir with soft velvets and subtle geometric patterns. the finishing touch? Forgo all the metallic and add something matte and black to balance out everything shiny and opulent.