Try This Craft Project: DIY Embroidered Headphones

Sweet Paul Magazine

Headphones have long been considered a style statement (just ask that kid who wears his headphones around his neck). But while wearing a pair of cans like jewelry is usually reserved for younger set, anyone with a softer and more quirky side can get in on the fun too, with a great design and a bit of embroidery floss.

Music-loving Lova Blåvarg of Sweet Paul Magazine can't be torn away from her headphones, but she felt that they needed a little something extra. Using her cloth-banded Urban Ears Plattan headphones ($59.90) and some embroidery floss, she decorated her headphones with a cherry blossom design (instructions here). It makes standard hadphones into comething a little softer and prettier, and does a bonus job of making them stand out.

More info and images: Sweet Paul Magazine

Other headphone customizing ideas:

(Image credits: Sweet Paul Magazine; Becky Stern)